It’s #m3tr1k’ s birthday!!

Birthdays and anniversaries have a way of making one feel all reflective and nostalgic. As Metrik Marketing rings in 14 years of online marketing success and growth this year, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the space in which we live and work circa 2008 vs now.

Buckle up, it’s a rather mind-blowing look back!

Being the Google geeks that we are, we turned to Google for our little trip down memory lane by taking a look back at the top Google searches for 2008:

  • Top cocktail search was Martini
  • Top concert search was Jonas Brothers
  • Top death search was Heath Ledger
  • Top How To… search was How To Draw
  • Top movie trailer search was Dark Knight
  • Top TV Show search was American Idol
  • Top What Is… search was What Is Love\
  • Top DIY search was DIY Wedding
  • Top comfort food search was Ice Cream
  • Top lyrics search was With You
  • Top NFL teams search was New York Giants
  • Top political news source search was Fox
  • Top Who Is… search was Who Is Obama

And then, fast forward to 2022, and here is what the top Google searches were last year:

  • Top search was Australia vs India
  • Top news search was Afghanistan
  • Top actor search was Alec Baldwin
  • Top death search (now referred to as passings) was DMX
  • Top athlete search was Christian Eriksen
  • Top movie search was Eternals
  • Top TV Show search was Squid Game
  • Top food search was Birria Tacos
  • Top song search was drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo

The top technological innovations of 2008 included Apple’s App Store, which helped to jumpstart the mobile app development market, and iPhone 3G. Search engine optimization (SEO) was in its early days as an internet marketing strategy and, given that the first iPhone had only hit the market on June 29, 2007, mobile-friendliness wasn’t a big focus yet. Present day SEO goes beyond keywords and prioritizes useful and intelligent content. And given that experts predict that by next year, mobile usage will account for 35% of all media time for the average person, mobile functionality is a huge focus for marketers these days.

And of course, the biggest reflection after 14 years in the business of digital strategy? Just how grateful we are for the people and businesses who we’ve been privileged to work with in the past decade and a half. It truly is thanks to the ongoing support of our loyal customers, the hard work and generous creativity of our team members, and the innovation and opportunities provided by our business partners, that we’ve been able to make it to 14 years. We’d love to keep the momentum going, so if you have a minute, we’d love to request a quick Google Review – as much as we live and breathe the power of a strong and robust online presence, we also appreciate how impactful a word of mouth referral can be.

Cheers to the next 14 years!



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