Countdown for #Metrik10RAK

It’s Our 10-Year Anniversary! – July 29, 2018.

Did you know that Metrik Marketing is a boutique agency located in Calgary, Alberta and has served clients globally for 10 years? The company was founded on 08/08/08 by Kita Eserve and we have celebrated Metrik Marketing’s anniversary by silently leaving behind Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) over the last decade. This year, we have decided to spill the tea about what we’ve been doing in order to amplify the effect and reach more people.

Here are some of the RAKs we have completed:

✓ Leaving coins in shopping carts
✓ Leaving bus tickets at bus stations
✓ Leaving coins in vending machines
✓ Leaving gas vouchers at random gas pumps
✓ Dropping off diapers at Calgary Health clinics
✓ Brought food to the homeless shelter
✓ Leaving diaper kits at random change tables
✓ Purchased lunch for a stranger
✓ Donated to
✓ Donated prepackaged food bank kits from the grocery store

For the next 10 days, we invite you to help us celebrate Metrik Marketing’s 10 year anniversary by posting a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) on social media! Be sure to use the hashtag #metrik10rak to be eligible to be entered in a contest to win 1 of 10 unique giveaways. Contest closes at midnight on our birthday August 8th, 2018.

Day 1 – Find a Free Coin in Your Shopping Cart Today! – July 30, 2018

Did you know that Metrik Marketing has managed successful multilingual marketing campaigns in English, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, & more? For our first random act of kindness, we hope to reach out to various people at the grocery stores by leaving free coins in their shopping carts. #metrik10rak #multiculturalism #global #local #kindnessmatters

Day 2 – Looking for a New Book? – July 31, 2018

Today Metrik Marketing left gift cards in little Free Library Locations for the love of reading and learning. Metrik Marketing has always valued creativity & innovation. Staying on top of new concepts starts with the love of reading and that is one of many reasons why we leverage Betas to provide our clients with a competitive edge. #metrik10rak #knowledgeispower #loveoflearning #makeanimpact #payitforward

Day 3 – We Support Non-Profit Organizations! – August 1, 2018

Today we are donating to – an exceptional Non Profit that helps entrepreneurs around the world succeed. Did you know that Metrik Marketing supports Non-Profit Organizations through the Google Grants program and more? We love working with companies that make a positive impact and when we discovered the Google Non Profit program, we convinced our clients to jump on board. We have also helped customers get Grants & Discounts from their other Marketing Initiatives such as Yahoo for Good and offer valued ads or discounted rates to help maximize their investment. Learn more about Google Non-Profit programs here:  #metrik10rak #metrikmarketing #googlepartner #bingaccreditedprofessional #kindnessmatters

Day 4 – Have you Taken Public Transit Lately? – August 2, 2018

Today lucky transit users will find bus tickets located at various bus and train stations throughout the city. Today’s RAK also ties into Metrik Marketing’s extensive DMO Tourism experience. We have worked with some amazing organizations over the years including Heritage Park, Travel Alberta,,, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra to name a few.  #metrik10rak #travel #freebustickets #explore #escape #travelalberta #calgary #alberta #payitforward

Day 5 – Family Matters: Kindness Rocks – August 3, 2018

This week, we have encouraged our children to paint Kindness Rocks to give to other children at the playground as an extension to our random acts of kindness initiative. Family first is one of our core values. We understand unexpected events may arise with our family & try to be accommodating. We also have great clients who share in these values and occasionally may need to reschedule with us due to family circumstances. At Metrik Marketing, our hours are flexible to provide a positive work-life balance and to ensure that our families thrive. #metrik10rak #familyfirst #worklifebalance #family #love #happy #familygoals #socialgood #instagood #randomactofkindness #feelgoodfriday #kindnessmatters

Day 6 – Building Relationships – August 4, 2018

Some people call it small talk, but at Metrik Marketing we build relationships through networking. Most of our clients have discovered us through word of mouth or when we are simply chatting about what we do. To honour the importance of connecting with people, Metrik Marketing will be paying for free meals and coffees at your local Alberta drive-thru. #metrikmarketing #metrik10rak #payitforward #rightplaceattherighttime #smalltalk #networking #wordofmouth #kindnessmatters #080808 #inspirekindness

Day 7 – Serving Companies & Organizations of All Sizes – August 5, 2018

Metrik Marketing is a small company with members working across North America to help support companies on a global scale. We have catered to clients from small start-up companies to Fortune 5000 companies for the last decade. We are here to help regardless of your company’s size. Today, Metrik Marketing is donating New Toys to drop off bins in Calgary to help support local charities and families. #metrik10rak #sharethewealth #helpfamiliesinneed #payitforward

Day 8 – Always Be Learning – August 6, 2018

For today’s random act of kindness, Metrik Marketing will be taking backpacks filled with school supplies and donating them to less fortunate families. We are passionate about education and live by the motto “Always be learning”. We promote this outlook by working with several educational institutes to help further education & enrollment. Our fast changing online work environment means we must also maintain our education. Platforms like Google, Bing & Facebook require us to keep our certification up to date. Additionally, we schedule time for learning and attend both webinars & conferences. We regularly host Google #PartnersConnect events that focus on various industries. This helps keep our clients up to date with the latest & greatest while working with Google. #metrik10rak #metrikmarketing #payitforward #kindnessmatters #10years #080808 #inspirekindness #alwaysbelearning #googlepartner #bingaccreditedprofessional

Day 9 – Many Hands Make Light Work – August 7, 2018

Team building exercises are always a great way to build relationships amongst people. Recently a teammate and her sister gathered firewood at their campsite. At the same time, they replenished the woodpile for an elderly woman down the road who had difficulty walking on gravel. Working together in an act of kindness for an elderly lady was a rewarding experience.

At Metrik Marketing we value the importance of teamwork. Having different people with different skill sets to draw on allows us to keep sharp and stay ahead of the competition. On the flip side, a strong team continuously prevents anyone from dropping the ball. We provide assistance to our teammates whenever needed to ensure that our clients always walk away happy. #metrik10rak #metrikmarketing #teambuilding #kindnessmatters #080808 #inspirekindness #10thbirthday #10thanniversary #contest #10days


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