Google’s Marketing for the Automotive Industry Video is Live!

On April 19th, 2017 we hosted a live stream presentation by Google Partners Connect that discussed the importance of digital marketing for the Automotive Industry.

The information provided in this live stream is useful for both small and large sellers and outlines some of the benefits and issues that are faced when trying to sell cars online.

Watch the video posted below for talk about trends, research, and insights that can help you reach your audience at the right moment:

+++The speakers featured in this marketing for the automotive industry video are:

++++Peter Leto (Google’s Head of Industry, Automotive and Retail Sales

Peter Leto has helped automotive dealers and manufacturers across the US improve their digital sales strategies. He encourages those in the automotive industry to make themselves available 24/7 by prioritizing SEO, making it easy for potential customers to find them online.

During this live stream, Peter shares specific, actionable tips on perfecting online ad strategies to improve sales.

++++Frederick Vallaeys (CEO, Optimyzer)

Frederick Vallaeys is currently CEO of a company called Optimyzer, which helps clients in various industries (including automotive) with automated advertising. Before that, Frederick spent over 10 years working for Google.

In this live stream, Frederick provides tactics that you can start using today to improve your online marketing.


Digital marketing is important because 1/2 of people buying cars today do research on their smartphones at the dealership and 2/3 of those who shop online say that they trust online reviews posted by other consumers.

Since nearly everyone is connected to the web now, the quality of your online presence can really make or break your automotive business.

++++Online advertising can help any business grow. If you are interested in attending one of our future events co-hosted with Google, please contact us at