Metrik Marketing’s 10th Birthday

Did you know that Metrik Marketing, a boutique agency located in Calgary, Alberta, has served clients globally for 10 years? Over the last decade, we have celebrated Metrik Marketing’s anniversary by silently leaving behind Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). This year, we have decided to spill the beans about what we’ve been doing in order to amplify the effect and reach more people.

Here are some of the RAKs we have completed:

✓ Leaving coins in shopping carts

✓ Leaving bus tickets at bus stations

✓ Leaving coins in vending machines

✓ Leaving gas vouchers at random gas pumps

✓ Dropping off diapers at Calgary Health clinics

✓ Brought food to the homeless shelter

✓ Leaving diaper kits at random change tables

✓ Purchased lunch for a stranger

✓ Donated to

✓ Donated prepackaged food bank kits from the grocery store

For the next 10 days we invite you to help us celebrate Metrik Marketing’s 10 year anniversary by posting a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) on social media! Be sure to use the hashtag #metrik10rak to be eligible to be entered in a contest to win 1 of 10 unique giveaways.Contest closes at midnight on our birthday August 8th, 2018.


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