Happy Holidays

The Holidays is a magical time of year. Not only is it a time to appreciate what we have, it is also a time to give back. Recently, we had an inspirational experience at WeDay in Alberta that aligns with one of our core values: making a positive impact. We absolutely love their ideology of, WE makes doing good, doable, and we hope by making a donation to we.org, that we are creating some magic for someone else.

As we wrap up 2019 and reflect back on the year, we would like to express gratitude to all of our partners and clients who have trusted us with their digital marketing needs – from search engine marketing, social media marketing, organic optimization, nonprofit support and so much more. Although there were many changes through the year, we were proud to have adapted to the rollercoasters of change and still customize our solutions to each individual client.

Our team has created a holiday video and hope to spread happiness & joy to all. Please watch our video here:

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